MCC Panel


The MCC stand for Motor Control Centers are use for motor control central, power distributing center. They are applied to Power stations, Electric Sub-Stations, Buildings, edifices, air ports, hospitals, and petrochemical complexes, industrial and mining facilities.
MCC panes are manufactured, assembled, wired and tested as complete freestanding power supply systems. They can be combined and connected on site with the minimum outlay in time and costs.
MCC panel also offers outstanding simplicity in the connection of cables. All components are pre-wired and connected to terminals ready for operation.
The overall design of the Motor Control Centre allows a large measure of flexibility, providing for a wide range of variations and peculiarities to satisfy individual requirements.
General characteristics
 Standard conformity : IEC 61439 part 1&2
 Voltage rate : Up to 690V 50 Hz AC
 Current rate incoming :
o Up to 6300A Main bus bars
o Up to 800A vertical dropper bars.
o Option 1200A dropper bar for distribution sections available.
 Short circuit rating on Main bus bars : 63KA / 1 sec or 50KA / 3 sec
 Panel structure : 1.5mm/2.0mm T steel sheet, mounting plate with folded edge in
 Short circuit rating on Dropper bars :
o 50KA / 1 sec standard
o Option 63KA / 1 sec.
 IP-Protection : standard is IP43
o up to IP54 on your request
 Design concept : Compact design. Easy, time saving assembly from self-supporting sections
 Wiring control : Wired and functionally tested ready for connection on site
 Arrangement Single front arrangement or Back-to-back arrangement for space saving
 Future extension : Easily extendable without the needing of cutting or Drilling tools
 Cable entry : Top and bottom, ample cabling room and
o fixing facilities in cableway
o Terminal rails for control and power, terminals in cableway
 Option :Bus-duct system entries available
 Option Control cable plugs(If required)


2 thoughts on “MCC Panel

  1. chào Chi,

    Cám ơn Chị đã chia sẻ về bài viết, qua bài viết của chị em được biết thêm về lĩnh vực này, một khung điều chỉnh không thể thiêu cho các nhà máy khu công nghiệp… , nhưng em không hiểu từ “MCC” Chị có thể giải thích thêm cho em về vấn đề này. Cám ơn những chia sẻ thật là bổ ích cho công đồng và xã hội.

    Trọng Trung

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