Business Service


Hong Thinh was established Design and Build projects to all levels of technical requirements. Our products have been supplying and serving to High class Factories, Commercial centers, office High rise buildings, Air ports, Hospitals…
  • Design, manufacture and service LV&MV Panels, Fixed and draw out type MCC panels.
  • Primary / Secondary design solution for customized application power network up to 22KV
  • Design, manufacture and program for PLC, HMI panels for machinery and production line
  • Capable design, build, wiring and program for most of well-know PLC branch, Schneider, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Omron, Alan Barley
  • Program for HMI interface, SCADA system and PLC network.
  • Process PLC Desk Control
  • Manufacture and supply cable ladders and trays.
  • CNC punching, bending, Robotic welding machine can be fast producing high quality Stainless steel or Mild steel and Hot Dip Galvanized Ladder and tray cable supports.
  • Factory Electrical, Instrumentation maintenance and installation service.
  • Fully capability, experience, technical know-how and tool in place undertake Electrical and Instrumentation installation and Engineering service.


Hong Thinh can offer a fully integrated team of electrical installation personnel with the capability of installing, maintenance and service of the entire range of electrical panel, PLC and computer automated control systems pertaining to commercial and industrial installation:

  • Engineering Service
  • Machinery consultancy supervision and Installation
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Instrument design and installation
  • Factory Automation design, supervise and installation
  • Process Instrument testing and calibration
  • Electrical power Harmonic Analyzer
  • Factory Maintenance Service
  • Air conditioning / Ventilation system design and installation
  • Supply and installation of Clean room Equipment

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