The MCC stand for Motor Control Centers are use for motor control central, power distributing center. They are applied to Power stations, Electric Sub-Stations, Buildings, edifices, air ports, hospitals, and petrochemical complexes, industrial and mining facilities.

MCC panes are manufactured, assembled, wired and tested as complete freestanding power supply systems. They can be combined and connected on site with the minimum outlay in time and costs.

MCC panel also offers outstanding simplicity in the connection of cables. All components are pre-wired and connected to terminals ready for operation.

The overall design of the Motor Control Centre allows a large measure of flexibility, providing for a wide range of variations and peculiarities to satisfy individual requirements.

Main Switch Board enclosure for Low Voltage distribution panel from 160A to 6300A, 3phases.

All design panel constructions are complying to international standard IEC 61439-part 1&2 :2009 and have been passed Type tested required by standard IEC 61439-part 1&2Version 2009.

The panels are designed of kit-form enclosures make from steel sheet, can be stand alone, top/ bottom cable entry, and easy extent or modify in future.

Panels are equipped with individual functional unit, consisting of mounting plates or mounting frames support one or more low voltage devise and covered with metal cover plates to prevent from accidental access to live parts.

Most of the commercial and Industrial installations in the country have large electrical loads which are severed inductive in nature such as motors, large machines, drives… Which results in severely lagging power factor means not only loss and wastage of energy, voltage drops but also penalties by Electric power Supply Company.
The APFC stand for (Automatic Power Factor Correction) maintains high power factor by automatic cut in/out number of capacitor bank, maintain setting point power factor request.


General characteristics

+ Applied standard : IEC 61439-part 1&2

+ Insulation voltage rate : up to 1000V AC/DC

+ Rate current : up to 3200A

+ Rate Short circuit : 50KA-1sec, available 70KA-1sec on    request

+ High Voltage tested : 3000V AC-60sec

+ Protection degree : standard IP 43, can be IP 65 on request

+ Fixing type : Wall mount or Free Floor standing

+ Housing Material : Stainless steel 304, 316 or Mild steel

+ Finishing : Epoxy powder coated, standard RAL 7032    roughed type, other colors on request

+ Cable entry : Top and bottom, available side entry on    request


ATS stand for (Automatic Transfer Switch) is system that switches the power supply from multi power source can be transformers, Generators or UPS supply.

General characteristics

Standard conformity : IEC 61439 part 1&2

Source transfer : National grid / transformers / Generation / UPS

Voltage rate : up to 1000 Voltage AC/DC, 2/ 3 Phases system

Current capacity : from 63A up to 6300A

Rated short circuit Withstand current : up 150KA/(1S)

Contact/Switch : Well-known component such as Socomec/LS/ABB/Schneider/Siemems…

IP protection : Standard @ IP43, can be IP 65 on request

Control type : Manual mode or Automatic logic control mode

Standard Color:  RAL 7032


The compact design lighting panel is most cost effective to save space and reduce equipment cost and energy. Our solutions deliver flexibility, ease of installation, allow modification with minimized difficulty. All these benefits will bring to customer cost saving and environment

 General characteristics

+ Standard conformity : IEC 61439-part 1&2

+ Insulation voltage rate : up to 1000V AC/DC

+ Rate current : up to 250A, 630A on request

+ Rate Short circuit 32KA- 1sec, available for 50KA-1sec on    request

+ High voltage Factory tested : 3KV-AC /60sec

+ Protection degree : Standard IP43, Available for IP65 on request

+ Fixing type : Wall mount or stand on plinth support

+ Material Mild steel, Available for Stainless steel 304, 316 on    request

+ Finishing : Epoxy powder coated, standard RAL 7032    roughed type

+ Cable entry : Top and bottom, can be on side entry on    request


We manufacture Multiple generator synchronizing panels have all control gears and switch gears necessary for various generator synchronized operation in auto mode either manual mode such as Breakers, protection relays, Synch scope meter and relays…

Manual/Auto/Load sharing mode synchronized panels is provide all control relays, PLC bases and meters to observe various parameters to help the operator safety perform manual parallel generators. Increased your genset reliability, expandability, flexibility, serviceability and running cost effectiveness.


We offer PLC design service guarantee both quality and cost efficiency for Machineries, Industrial processes… communication systems and manage complex computer systems.

Our engineers have been selected for their successful track records and rich industry exposure has allowed us to provide most technically advanced system integration solutions. Our Automation engineer team has the ability to closely tailor a custom process control system to specific application.


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