About us


Hong Thinh JSC was established in Vietnam on the 30th November 2000. We specialize in the manufacture of indoor and outdoor Distribution Boards, Control Panels, 19” Rack Cabinets, Cable ladder and Ducting together with the design and supply of industrial and commercial power distribution, PLC Integrated Logic and Computer Automated Systems. Our Professional team is always available for consultation to ensure a customer to ascertain the best possible solution for their requirements in order to create a quality technical solution at the most economical outcome. Since our inception our aim has always been to ensure our manufacturing practices utilize the best universal technology available to enable us to produce a quality product.

Hong Thinh Electric has a strict ethical professional standard which ensures all staff are aware of the importance of maintaining a foremost requirement to customers of service and quality. We welcome all enquires as to our services and products which will receive a prompt and courteous response from our professional team with our assurance that all prices quoted are of a competitive nature..

Hong Thinh company


Who is HONG THINH Founder? It’s me, BUI HONG PHUOC.Mr Phuoc

Yes, I can say with you “I’m a successful entrepreneur with over 20 years experience in electric automation industry”.

In 1993, I  granduated from Poly Technique University in 1993 with the grade of 9.5/10. So far, I’ve undertaken many positions: Project electrical designing engineer, Technical executing engineer, Chief engineer, Manufacturing technical Manager and now, I am a General Director of HONG THINH Joint Stock company.

From an employee to become an entrepreneur, I’ve never stopped learning and working even  a day! HONG THINH ELECTRIC, this is all my pride !

What  I am?

I was born in the period of time when a war happened in my country: war, poverty…  After trying for a long time,  I graduated university with a Diploma of Electrical Engineer with the high marks.

I knew it’s time I need to work hard to get much experiences in my career…I started & never stop looking to find any chances to gain my knowledge and it’s only way that I can make my ambition to be truth… So I always talked with myself, I had to try and improve myself …

I’ve had many chances to improve my career by a lot of abroad training courses: Indonesia, Australia, China, Italy, Germany, India… … to learn about the advance techniques at a very young age.

about us




Mr. Stephen Laing
C.E.O International
Switch Gear Company


Mr. Nguyen Song Tung
Electrical Engineer


Mr. Le Duong Phat
Electrical Engineer


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